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CCCleaner v5.11.5408 causing Microsoft .Net Native Framework Package 1.0 & Runtime Package 1.0 to have to be re-installed after cleaning.


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After many various tests, it seems certain that CCleaner v 5.11.5408, after running CCleaner on my 64-bit Windows 10 PC, is causing the Windows Store to show that I have as avaiable for download/update the following 2 items:


Microsoft .Net Native Framework Package 1.0

Microsoft .Net Native Runtime Package 1.0


From my many tests, the Windows Store will never show these 2 items needing to be installed if I do NOT use CCleaner, only until I decide to run CCleaner that the Windows Store shows them as avaiable for download, however they may not show immediately as being avaiable for download, sometimes they will not show until some time has past or until I restart my PC. These 2 downloads are required for Store apps to work properly according to Microsoft, which explains why sometimes my Store apps are not opening or updating there tiles.


As far as what I have read on the Microsoft discussion boards is that these 2 downloads keep reappearing for many people yet Microsoft reply is to install the 2 downloads and then run an elevated cmd prompt System File Check ( sfc /scannow ) for errors, run the Windows 10 App troubleshooter and also do a Windows Store Reset (WSreset.exe) and even do a elevated cmd prompt and run the Deployment Image Servicing and Management ( dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth ) the reboot the computer. FYI, as far as any errors found by the System File Check, there never are none.


After running all their suggestions and if I do NOT run CCleaner, these 2 downloads do not seem to reappear, however they do return after running CCleaner, it seems, but I cannot say for sure that CCleaner is the problem, but my tests indicate that CCleaner may be the problem.


Would like some input from Piriform and others if CCleaner is "cleaning" something in error causing this issue I have.


Thank for your input and I look forward to any help,





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