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Ccenhancer - inofficial support?

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hi :)
today I have read in a forums post (again) that ccenhancer is not officially supported.
i have take a look on the publisher page and read "nice" infos.
credits --> agent xs, winapp2.ini, twistedmetal from piriform-forum

look here:

why isnt ccenhancer supported but the winapp2.ini is pinned on ccleaner and the use of winapp2.ini is also sometimes recommended in posts?




ps: i dont use this extension but im a little inquisitive about this curios

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It's popular and I have no ill thoughts against it, but it's not the choice of users or moderators on the forums.


It's unofficial for one simple fact it's a software not developed or published by Piriform, therefore they can't guarantee it, etc. And per the Piriform owner he doesn't even want it mentioned on his forums... ...so don't be surprised if this topic disappears.

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