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CC multiple instances


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Well, this may be not a real “problem”, but I was wondering why does CC allows multiple instances, I mean several CC windows opened at the same time?


What for? Shouldn’t CC, on start, check for any running instance and, if found, just bring it to focus, instead of opening a new one?


Couldn’t this lead to any error or malfunction, I mean instance 1 is still checking for errors on registry, instance 2 is already cleaning it up and instance 3 is wiping free space etc…

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Actually, I tried (just to check it out), but I know what I'm doing.


Now, what about those noobs (family and friends) I help out? The other day, one of them had 8 Outlook windows openned... Geez!

Anyways, I think that make no sense CC extra instances, so they should block it, just to avoid any misuse.

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It's not the sort of thing I do often, but I recall opening two instances of CC. One where I had run a deep scan and wanted to hang on to the results, and another where I was clearing out temp int files or prefetch or something. I know that it's very annoying when you want to open two instances of an application and can't, so I vote for the status quo. If you're doing all those things in the first post, then best of luck.

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If you're doing all those things in the first post, then best of luck.


Well, I didn't say I use it that way, I'm not that retard. What I meant is that some newbie, by mistake, could be lead to it and get in trouble. That's not my case.


Anyways, I agree that is great each one can chose their own preferences.


For me, again, makes no sense. It's like running some antivirus on multiple instances, one checking for PUPs on folder X, another one checking the OS folder, another one checking an external HD etc.


But, if someone wants to do that, feel free to do it.



In the other hand, it's really useful to have multiple instances, like in Word, Note Pad, Winzip or DOS prompt. But maybe not in Windows defrag, I believe...

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How would running Two instances be dangerous? If a reg key is missing after its been displayed ccleaner would swollow it and move on. Its no different to ruuning it alone. its called a race condition in programming.

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You’ve mentioned “programming” and I got an idea.


I write software, for a living, and I have this “one instance premise” active for each station using my software (POS, accounting, finance, forecasting etc.). If a customer minimize the software window and try to start a new instance, he just get an alert asking him to check the taskbar (software already running!). But I’m changing that a little bit.


Well, I just wrote a tinny EXE that checks if CC is already running: if yes, just bring it to focus and, if not, start it. Then it goes off (no reason to stay running), while CC continues on. Problem solved for me.


Now, I’m adding the idea to my software. “Check the taskbar” is history!

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