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Recuva Deep Scan: Filesystem size vs. Partition size

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I got an external harddisk from a friend of mine.

Before there was a 1TB FAT32 or NTFS on this drive.

Then he managed to get Windows put a 32GB FAT32 recovery system at the begin of the drive.


Now Is there anywhere an option to let Recuva search on the device - not just a partition/drive letter?


Therefore I removed that partition table entry (on a dd-copy of that drive) and created a partition

table entry how it probably looked like before, containing the whole drive.

(no formatting - just partition table)


When I ask Recuva for a deep scan it takes only around 25 minutes.

Based on this time I assume Recuva takes here the size of the filesystem (32GB) at the begin and

searches just there, the remaining ~900GB are probably not scanned.


Therefore it could be an improvement for Recuva to take for deep scan the entire partition size.

(Or the entire device could be selected?)


Kind regards,


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