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CCleaner does not work for Macbook Safari or Macbook Chrome

yewv ben-cached

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We first reported this problem to Piri more than two months ago.  When using CC to wipe Macbook Yosemite cookies & history, CC will report that it completes and that the cookies and history are gone.  However, the cookies and the history are not gone at all.  To see this, bring up either Safari or Chrome after CC runs.  Go to Safari Preferences.  It will list all of the cookies that CC claims to have wiped.


(Yosemite 10.10.5, CC 1.10.335)


Delving into this further, it is apparently not simply a case of the 'cookies are deleted, but pointer not deleted'.  Apparently, CC really is not deleting (wiping) the cookies.


Since CC performs well on the Windows systems, and we like CC, we prefer that Piri fix CC for the Macbook.


Now, it is possible that Apfel is at fault here.  Concomitant to these 'CC' issues, we have also uncovered apparently severe issues with Macbook OS.X operating system.   Not wanting to detail here, but Macbook OS.X Yosemite is apparently quite the file eater, with entire directory contents coming up mysteriously empty.  We are pretty sure CC did not cause this.

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