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Adware w/Free CC?


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I tried to update a free version of CC 1.09.313 running on a Mac operating w/ OS10.10.5 using CCMacSetUp110.dmg but ClamXav identified an adware infection called Osx.adware.macvx in the download. Tried multiple times from Piriform's site with the same result.

Whats up with that? Does Piriform intend to do this?

Love Piriform's programs but don't like adware.


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Clam is a very agressive anti-malware and will often flag software as infected falsely. As long as you got ccleaner from piriform you should be fine. Probably clam is flagging bundled software (such as google chrome or a vpn software piriform has contracted with) and is alerting you as these bundles are often considered PuP (potentially unwanted programs).

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