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clean Microsoft Click To Run folders?

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As far as I can tell, CC leaves the c:\ProgramData\Microsoft\ClickToRun folders alone, which means there are often gigabytes of old installation files left on my SDD.


Have I missed an option/ Or, shoudl we have a new CC feature?



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hello richardb20 :)


do you mean microsofts free office?





ps: the only what i know is "office 2010 starter"

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I have Office 2013 Pro and my ClickToRun folder has 25 files taking up just shy of 3MiB.

Office Updates are on and was installed around the start of the year.


Maybe the 365 version does things differently (if that's the version you have) as it streams a lot of stuff.


All my C2R files are XML's, so you wouldn't want them included in CC.

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After Upgrade subscription to Office 365 or other versions of the Installer-based Click to Run retail versions are backed up in the folder c:\ProgramData\Microsoft\ClickToRun which take every month after the release of updates for 1.5-2 gigabytes. If they remove it does not affect the possibility of further updates.

As for the fact that higher retail versions, and following information relating to the 2007-2016 versions of microsoft office based on the classic windows installer

It's no secret that every second Tuesday of the month, and that an update during the installation through the update service copies are installed in c:\Windows\Installer
a month can go update for Office components that have already been updated in the last month, and the old updates when new systems are not removed from the, sometimes taking in this catalog gigabytes of unnecessary waste.
based on a sample of windows registry script as an attachment to a post, you can automate the search and removal is no longer used by the system updates, freeing up a lot of space on the disk.

I will be very grateful if the developers implement such a system clean of obsolete office updates


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