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Incognito Mode in Chrome for Android Saves Some Browsing History


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Apparently the Android version has a bug in its Incognito Mode implementation which allows some of the user's browsing history to be stored somewhere in its settings


Going into "Settings -> Site settings -> All sites" notarower found a log of all recent sites he visited. Surprisingly for him he found Reddit in the list, a site which he admitted of navigating only in incognito mode




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Incognito mode also creates various files on the hard disk, I've had that happen before in Comodo Dragon, and now in SRWare Iron. Also if visiting the Chrome store its functionality is now limited, so now in order to install an extension the Chrome store must be visited running the browser in Normal mode - I feel some people may forget this. Also when configuring extensions the browser will automatically run in Normal mode.


Although stuff is left behind and files get created on the hard disks it's just a simple matter of running CCleaner after using it.

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