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where are recovered files?


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I ran free Recuva on an SD card. Recuva says it fully recovered 158 files and partially recovered 333 files. Where are they? They aren't on the card. I search for all files modified today and they don't show. 


Where should I be looking?


thanks / Kozmo

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they won't be on the card, that will defeat the whole purpose as you would be overwriting the very stuff you are trying to recover.

they should be in the folder you told Recuva where to put them.


documentation here; http://www.piriform.com/docs/recuva/recuva-settings/options-actions

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I have run Recuva several times, each time identifying a separate drive for the destination files. Recuva tells me that the files were recovered, but when I go to the designated flash drive, there are no files. I've selected Show Hidden files, but nothing. I've tried using different flash drives, including one brand new 64 gig one, but they all appear to be empty.


Where are the recovered files?

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