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Hello, long time no see :)


I just while ago switched to Opera Cromium (from Opera 12.17). Chromium uses own storage location for (Pepper) Flash. With Opera 12, CCleaner works just fine cleaning Flash temp files etc. With Cromium i created my own inlude rules to clean those, and exclude rule for keeping the settings file. I just wonder how CCleaner is able to remove visited domain entries INSIDE the settings.sol file? I mean for Opera 12 it does that, without deleting the settings file. I have not managed to do that with Chromium settings.sol.


I'm not sure if those entries are stored somewhere in the registry too? What are CCleaner default rules for cleaning Flash?

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You can export the cleaning INI files using:

ccleaner.exe /export


Then you'll see what the cleaners are.


Note that if a cleaner has "SpecialKey" in it there's no way of knowing what those clean.




Welcome back CeeCee!  :)

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