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john god

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Problem is, I have a HP ScanJet 4200c that is not working. I was told to remove the USB Cable, remove and delete from the program properties and drivers. I did all of the above. After this go to CCleaner download and run the program to remove any bits of the scanner. This is where I'm at now. I'm not sure what items to check off on the list to be cleaned and which version to download. I don't want to remove anything I need. After this reinstall the drivers and the software for the scanner. See if this works, if not the scanner may be shot....Never ran this program before... Running Windows 98se.. Any Help, Please..



John God :unsure:

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Whomever told you to download CCleaner should have given you better instructions, however since you're here we'll help you. Please note, CCleaner has a safe registry cleaner, therefore it probably isn't going to correct a hardware problem that may reside in the registry where hardware settings are located.


1. Run CCleaner. On the Cleaner icon de-select the following as it has a bug in it:

Cleaner->Windows->Advanced->Hotfix Uninstaller

2. If you have Microsoft Office installed you may want to uncheck that under the Applications tab as leaving it checked will wipe out preferences in Word and some other Office programs. The rest of the settings should be o.k. to leave checked.

3. Removing junk files: Close any open applications including web browsers and then click the Run Cleaner button. Depending upon how much junk is on your system you may have to wait several minutes.

4. Cleansing the registry: Click the Issues icon, then click Scan for Issues. Once all issues are displayed click Fix selected issues and when prompted create a backup and save it somewhere that's easy for you to remember such as My Documents.

5. Important keep re-running the Issues scanner until it no longer finds anything.




P.S. Good luck getting an HP ScanJet to work on your Win9x computer, I had one and eventually gave up.

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