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10,000 RPM WD Raptor mis-reported as spinning at 5,400 RPM

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I have an old SATA I WD Raptor that still works so I use it as a Temp drive. It's supposed to spin at 10,000 as all Raptors do, but Speccy seems to be saying it's only spinning at 5,400. I think Speccy is wrong on that, or maybe the drive is going bad, which is entirely possible because I've had it for quite a while, at least 4 or 5 years. I guess I'll order a new SATA II Raptor, which I've been wanting to do anyway, just wanted to keep using the drive and get all the use out of it I could before it died. Anyway... just wanted to let you guys know, that it's possible Speccy is mis-reporting this. See attached screen shot.





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