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Windows 10 Keeps Uninstalling Speccy, Temp not correct

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TWO things.... Windows 10 Pro reports Speccy as not working properly so it's uninstalled when I upgrade.  I do Insider builds and it happened again installing Windows 10 Pro Build 10525.  Previously it was the original 10 Pro install that did the same thing.


ALSO, when I DID install it again under the original install, it misreported the CPU temp as over 110 degrees C!!  I KNOW that is not correct, but the other temp reading software also wont even load under 10.  I would LOVE to have Speccy up and running for Windows 10 as I do a lot of hardware work for others and they are upgrading.  I use Speccy for a lot of diagnostic info on systems I log into and can't physically look at.   


The other features of the program seemed to work correctly so I don't know why Microsoft uninstalled it, but it DID run and other than the CPU temp it was reading everything normally.


I LOVE using your software and so far Ccleaner and Defraggler seem to work just fine.  If you need anything else from me to troubleshoot please let me know.


<<<<<  UPDATE  >>>>>  After reinstalling Speccy under the new Insider Build 10525, the temp is now reporting CORRECTLY!  All else seems to be working fine.  Windows STILL reports this as not functioning properly, but it looks like that is no longer true.  TEMP IS GOOD!




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