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internet explorer fonts screwed up


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Plain Text Font should be "Bitstream Vera Sans Mono"




i dont have that choice. all i have is courier new, luicda console, and WP boxdrawing.

none of those worked tho when i tried them.

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Try This


Goto View on the top bar then Text Size, change it from Smallest to Medium


That should solve it






OMG thx soooooo much! i was ready to start re-installing fonts and internet explorer and everything. that saved me alot of time. i do feel stupid now but i guess i learned sumthin new. i wondor how it changed tho...

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Its nothing to feel stupid about , There's that many menus and options in I.E it can be difficult to know where to start when something changes. I'm really not sure how it would of changed by itself but It happened to me along time ago so thats the only reason I knew where to look :)

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