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Firefox Slowing Down?

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Andavari posted here about Firefox 39.0.  

I upgraded to 39.0 also.  
This is a fairly fast desktop, all other applications work quite fast.
It is win xp, AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ dual core processor, 4 gb RAM, actually uses 3.3 gb.  
Browser slowed to a crawl, showed huge resource usage.  IE8 is faster!
Seems Firefox is getting slower, so I went looking for faster browsers.  
Found 3 that function well and fast here:  K-meleon, Maxthon, SeaMonkey.  
Midori works OK but not as well.  
Maxthon and Seamonkey have portable versions, could not find one for K-meleon.  
EDIT:  Found the portable version of K-Meleon, its on the same sourceforge page as the regular version.   :wacko:
Are any of these four known to be unsecure or bug ridden or anything like that?  
Sadly, Opera 12.17 always freezes after a short while, and Palemoon locks up and requires a hard restart.
Have not tried the newest Opera or the newest Vivaldi.  
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For me it is significantly faster than the previous Firefox Portable v28.0 I was holding onto forever. One of the main reasons I even updated was for faster speed.


Perhaps it's your Firefox profile (my old profile worked fine), or add-ons. Usually it's the profile which has to start anew to remedy any speed issues in Firefox.

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OK, Andavari.  Thanks.  I had been pretty much updating as I went along, and noticing that FF seemed to be slowing.  

I use the portable versions, sandboxed.  That may also slow it down a bit.  

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One thing I just remembered was that old Firefox Portable v28.0 was a clean "install", and I upgraded over it to Firefox Portable v39.0, so only one update and one profile change I've had since v28.0 - which could've been why I didn't have any slowness issue.

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