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Cloud-based Optimization with Agomo

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Agomo keeps getting better and better!

Our developers have been working hard making Agomo the most efficient platform for optimizing your computers. Their hard work is paying off as we've seen a 50% increase in sign-ups in the last 6 months!

Whether you're a home user or a business, Agomo has everything you need to keep your computer running at top speed. We've already added the ability to run CCleaner and Defraggler actions across multiple endpoints, so optimizing several computers with one-step has never been easier:


And we're continuing to add new features on a regular basis along with our frequent agent updates to ensure that Agomo is always one step ahead.

Coming soon, our business users will have access to an exciting new reporting feature. Agomo will be able to export multiple PDF reports for your network, making life easier for businesses with a large work-force.

Our users are as enthusiastic as we are about what Agomo will mean for the future of mass optimization. Early adopter, Richard, reports that "Agomo is a must have for anyone or any admin support to quickly diagnose and take preventive action with effective results. Well done to the Agomo team for the fantastic cloud solution they have created and the brilliant support they provide."

You can sign up for free to optimize up to 3 computers, or for only $5 a month, you can become a Pro user and use our scheduling tool to make sure all your household computers are always up to speed. Or if you are a business user, you can optimize an unlimited number of endpoints from $2 a month per machine which gives you the ability to grow your Agomo network as your business grows.

Sign up for Free today at Agomo.com.



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