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What does "remember me" do when log into this forum?


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Recently I learned about cookies, IP address, banned from websites, etc....and many tracking methods used by server/websites.


Just curious...

When log into this forum, what does "remember me" do?? 

Remembers my IP address?? saves my cookie? Does this forum use and save "super/flash cookies"?


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Also what does "sign in anonymously" mean??

What kind of tracing information is prevented from saved into this forum?


I ask these questions because I like to learn what kind of information forums, websites, banks, google, etc keep when I use them.

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Sorry..Can admin move this to "right" sub-forum?


BTW dvdbane...you reply did NOT answer my question.  I read it before I posted.

To be more specific...IP address, cookies, etc???

I thought my question was very CLEAR.


Maybe nobody knows??

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All public forums provide some way for members to be able to return to the forum and be 'auto logged in' if they prefer that.


Public forums such as ours provide their members with a place to research the software, ask questions and generally participate in discussions. If the forum cookie is saved it makes for quicker forum access and allows you to see new posts since your last visit.


One of the rules on most forums is to only use one member name (e.g not having several different aliases) so the IP address is usually logged to check for multiple memberships from the same IP address.


Another benefit of forums logging IP addresses is they can be auto checked against an internet held list of known spammer ranges. This helps keep our forum free of spam and works alongside the moderators manual handling of spammers.


Signing in anonymously means your member name will not show on the 'who is online' list. Although your info (IP address) would still appear in the server logs. 


All these things are not specific to this forum, but are general accepted practice at all software support forums.

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