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Would speccy cause hang after new CPU install?

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OK so I'm at my wits end here.  I installed a new CPU, an AMD FX 8350 and recently I've been getting random hangs that require a hard restart.  I upgraded from a 4 core Phenom II 955.


I've always used Speccy and never had a problem. 


I have noticed it doesn't happen when speccy is not running.  I really like using it however and would like to run it again.  


Is this a common occurance?  OR am I looking in the wrong direction?  


I've tried updating BIOS, drivers, etc etc and still random hangs.  Only about once a day.



Gigabyte 990 FXA UD3 mobo

FX 8350

EVGA 660 Ti

2x4 Kingston RAM @ 1600

OS Win 8.1 on SSD

2 x 1TB mech HDD

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Speccy version?

Does it happen if you just run Speccy and then close Speccy completely, or does it only happen if you leave Speccy running in the System Tray?

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