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Updated:- Firefox/Mozilla cache cleaning was skipped

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I thought I'd start a new thread.


CC is not cleaning out my Firefox/Mozilla cache - it would appear that it's not even attempting to as the message in the area where CC tells you what its deleted reads 'Firefox/Mozilla cache cleaning was skipped'.


From the previous thread I've:-


* checked the Task Manager and FF is closed when I run CC

* my FF settings do NOT request for the cache to remain.


I have FF set to delete all privacy information as it closes down, in adition I'm using IE Privacy Keeper http://www.browsertools.net/IE-Privacy-Keeper/ - might there be a conflict been caused here?


I've also noticed recently that my Spy Bot S&D is picking up cookies - this has only started occuring in the past few weeks.


Any help gratefully recived.





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Hi Air-Wolf,


Do you have Firefox Preloader installed?


That would cause CCleaner to "see" Firefox open, as it is pre-loaded.


If so, just clear your cache manually.


Just a wild-shot..........who knows?


This reply has nothing, nothing, to do with expertise!


ccc ;)

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