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Security Hole in Apple's iOS

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I've never heard of this site your linking too. However in order to actually get infected with the malware they are speaking of you would have to jail break your phone in order to install an unauthorized app. Apps in the app store are actually pretty well vetted by apple. Android has had the same issues with their apps potentially leading to security problems, the issue being that its a lot easier to side load apps on android. Sorry but iOS/Android are still probably more secure than windows has ever been. Its just a different usage model and if you stay within the "walled garden" of the app store your probably pretty safe. 

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- Agree. By vetting the apps Apple reduces the risk of problems.

- The owner of the website mentioned above is a fan of Blackberry. In spite of all the negative news Blackberry seems to be doing rather well (financially). And that could the reason why he is bashing Apple.

System setup: http://speccy.piriform.com/results/gcNzIPEjEb0B2khOOBVCHPc


A discussion always stimulates the braincells !!!

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