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you are for it --> im against and protesting!


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topic links in signatures
since when one may put no links in the signature? who has decided so and where is it wrote? :angry:
--> links are not a privilege for administrators or moderators, but the higher access rights -officially to see right on the label below the profilimage for everyone.
--> there is no confusion between administrators, moderators or normal forum users (it is clearly visible on the label below the image and the pears-symbol with even repeated Title Heading in graphical form)
--> List of Administrators and Moderators is officially and easily seen
--> all the necessary restrictions are specified in the "Forum Rules"
--> nowhere is that I as a user may not contain any links (especially links in our own forum on important topics for me and perhaps for other users in order to find this quickly and easily)
--> each topic will disappear after a while from the public sector, unless it is pinned. The easiest way to find quickly most important topics are links. that's probably one reason of a smart Admin/Mod why the setting of links in the signature is explicid not prohibited.
--> none of my links was unnecessary or unimportant or without purpose -especially not for me.
something like that were my links
1) "Goodbye, Mister Spock"
2) "Microsofts Backdoor - perphaps one more reason for Firefox"
3) "free upgrade for w7 sp1/w8 to windows 10 until 29. Juli 2016"
4) "KB3035583 advanced notification for w10?"
5) "Emsisoft Free Emergency Kit for USB"
--> all these links went too general or only for me important topics in our own forum

--> none of this was advertising for foreign, spam or anything.


--> there is no reason retrospectively/afterwards allowed such things as links in the signature into our own Forum to ban/prohibit or only to allow highly placed persons circles (as moderators)
mainly personal important topics
spocks death; free upgrade until 29.Juli 2016 (perhaps in 8 months I dont know the date, probably not remember exactly thats why this link)
the other topics are perhaps important for all other users.
I'm glad ready, my number of links to be limited to 3 but not without it completely
1) this usefull links I will gladly take again in my signature
2) i want a statement/declaration from the administrators
3) gladly i would also opinions of other users and moderators


good evening

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  • Moderators

It's been this way as long as I remember, and I find this topic highly inflammatory. I will not close it as I, in private to avoid you making a scene from it, was the one to admonish your signature. This is, primarily, a tech support site and the (arbitrary) links you made, and those in general, take away from the ability to provide this support (every other post being broken up by a list of unrelated trivia does not make things easy).

Few people outside moderation are allowed links (as far as I know no more than one link per) and they point to areas relevant to the members aid specialties, such as Winapp's or Wiley's.

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Trium the purpose of links in your signature is not just to act as placeholders for your own memory. (Use sticky notes or a pen and paper :))


Most links in sigs on this forum are to do with Piriform or Ccleaner.

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Most links in sigs on this forum are to do with Piriform or Ccleaner.


yes, of course. should that not be so? links to topics in our forum, which appear important... links to other sites are undesirable?


as already written above ... I like reducing the number of links to 2 or 3. if it is usefull for overview. i would have liked to use this useful tool/feature and not without it.


#6 X and XI


--> there is nothing with "only reserved for moderators" or so...

--> it seems only affected to me.

--> six lines of text or pics in signatures are not less deflectively as f.ex. 2-3 links

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I'm not sure where this is going, but. I'll say this is not a point that will be argued into a change of direction on moderation team's actions.


Meaning, if we let you do it, then everybody else does it and help becomes, as I stated above, impoverished

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so to make one clear, im not doing here in our forum, that mods may have problems  B) 
but i want to use what is meant for anyone --> no more, no less. as it says in your Forum Rules.
the limits are specified and links are expressly allowed. apart from the facts why should only i not use links?
Forum Rules

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