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Free Desktop Notepad


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ah now I get what you wanted.


Well if you want actually sticky notes then you could use this:


(that just looked like the best one to me. Others might now of better ones.)


But if you are trying to have a schedual it might just be better to use a callender app. I like the mozilla callendar a lot.(its called Sunbird)







Just searched the freeware thread and found this:





Looks pretty good too.

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This may not be what your looking for as its not really a desktop notepad but I find KeyNote very handy, you can save any info into it including full webpages and it automatically saves when its closed, I have alot of written info on mine and find its alot better than searching for text files as I can organize them all into different sections inside Keynote.


Its not being updated anymore as the Author has closed the project but its Open-Source so others may take it on and release updates.



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Yeah, Sex and SafeSex are two software developed by Nullsoft, the guys who brought you Winamp, SHOUTcast, WASTE etc.





SafeSex is like Sex, but it uses Blowfish encryption. Sex sits in the systray, you click on it and a note comes up where you can write stuff.

Sex comes with source code.


button_b.png hydrogen2nr.png


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