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Not sure, but American Megatrends Bios (Voltage) VRM is reporting weird?!.

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I'll post a pic of what I am seeing vs the software that came with my pc, I try to use your Speccy because I like it, but for my new pc, it made me freak out and buy a new power supply...


No biggie, can always use a spare power supply, my system was cutting out just browning out it seemed, so I suspected power supply, checked the voltages, with Speccy lol I almost thought my pc was going to melt down by undervoltage!


After AutoTune showed proper voltages I found the real problem, a false positive CPU RPM reading. Fan kept flicking to 0 RPM to 1500 RPM causing system confusion and eventual random rebooting...

Cooler Master TX3 is to blame for me finding your crazy voltage readings on my MB! My mobo is listed in the pic (GA-970A-UD3P (rev. 2.0) Bios version FB, even upgraded that b4 I noticed the false reading).

Either way, all is well on my end, but others may be getting strange readings. This Mobo has some new VRM with solid state caps, and supposively built from the ground up new tech, but the mobo is old news now! Might be some of the issue though!






Hope I was of some help!

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