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Antivirus ... not enabled?

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i have looked in section --> software --> operation system


is shown at all points above either enabled or disabled


but at antivirus is nothing ...

only when I open the menu item, there is "windows defender - in submenu is disabled" and my antivirus in submenu is enabled but two items above there is already "Microsoft Defender" --> disabled


my antivirus is enabled --> then should not be after the point "AntiVirus" enabled?

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Hi there,


There was never any answer posted. Is this normal with this forum? Just wondering as I consider this important information for everyone using the cloud version.

I am just on the trail version and checking things out. Your post is from last year June and I still see the same issue with the cloud version.


I also submitted a ticket with the question. Let's see if someone get back to me or not.

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