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Norton's initial price versus renewal price

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Half way through my annual subscription and Norton's prompted with a nag screen "You're half way - do you want to renew now?" sort of message.

So I thought what the heck, I'll look and see what it costs.

Cheapest I could find was $69 (1PC, 1yr), I only paid $29 for it initially !!!

So I figured why not just buy another one from scratch and I found my computer store I get parts from sells them for $13 (OEM) or $18 (Retail).


Yet another example of they sell things cheap to hook you in then sting you come renewal/replacement time.


And, of course in case others do this to, if you renew at any time, the new license gets added to your remaining days whereas a new license will replace the current one so only 'renew' when the current one is about to expire.


(those prices were AUD but the relativity factor should be a guide as to the price differences any where)

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At least Norton can be bought for a very cheap price when bought new in a box if one looks around. I remember back in 2000 when I bought it the local Staples store wanted twice the price of what Amazon.com had it for.

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