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delete windows installer *.tmp?


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I've been removing .tmp files from the C:\Windows\Installer folder for years with no ill effects, but that's on this old WinXP system so I can't say if it would cause your much newer OS any troubles.


This is how I've dealt with Windows Installer left-overs for years (note that I don't use CCleaner to do it anymore, I instead use a batch file):

attrib /s -r -h -s "C:\CONFIG.MSI\*.*"
rmdir /q /s "C:\CONFIG.MSI"
attrib /s -r -h -s "%windir%\INSTALLER\*.TMP"
del /q /s /f "%windir%\INSTALLER\*.TMP"
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what's the downside of having a global *.tmp in CC?

or if you want a specific target, %windir%\installer\*.tmp?

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thanks andavari and mta :)


i looked once again closely...


the "*.tmp" files are all from "comodo" (the firewall i used after update from w8 to w8.1) from 2013 with 2,73 mb

the "msi*.tmp-" folders are all empty


i believe i can these files delete with certainly :)



i dont know if i can use a generally files "installer\*.tmp" and folders "installer\*.tmp-" for sure in ccleaner... :wacko:

perhaps it is better to have a look to turn from time to time and to delete something manually ...

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