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Hello everybody,


When I use the Tools function, and click on the uninstall tab, it lists several programs that are not on my computer anywhere, I have searched the directories and the registry and can't find a trace of them.


When I try to uninstall them, it says that I have to uninstall them through the setup, which obviously I don't have. Why is it doing this?



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Hi DaveyDude,




Did you run an Issues Scan, and fix the Selected Issues? If you have done that already will you tell us what OS that you are running? Also, what version and build of CCleaner are you using?


Keep us posted! :)


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Because you have either;

1) Deleted the files or incorrectly uninstalled them instead.

2) Attempted to uninstall crap piece of software.


Run te Issue scanner, you can also manually remove the entries.


When you uninstall software, always do it from "Add/Remove Applications" in the Control Panel or via the uninstall that might be in the startmenu of the software you install. Dont delete the software by deleting the directory of the corresponding application in C:\Program Files\ because then it wont be correctly uninstalled.


Also, dont use crap software.

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