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Microsoft's security tools built into Windows will now remove the Ask Toolbar for you.


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You know it, I know it, Wikipedia knows it, and now Windows knows it: the Ask Toolbar is a bad thing that nobody wants on their PC. The next time the Ask Toolbar tries to sneak onto your computer it will be marked as "unwanted software" (that's a nice way of saying malware) by Microsoft's security tools. Microsoft previously warned it would take action against software that tries to prevent users from changing their browser's default search engine.


Microsoft's security products including Windows Defender on Windows 8 and up, and Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows 7 and Vista can now detect and remove the toolbar.



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I don't know why most av companies aren't flagging at least all those crappy "software".


Maybe others will follow Microsoft's lead. Hopefully they add in the removal of it via Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool ("MRT") since it's updated monthly and that way it will remove that rubbish even if someone doesn't use a Microsoft branded antivirus product.



I've had killbits set in place for Ask.com Toolbar for years.

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