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PaleMoon and CCleaner

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I have just read Ccleaner not cleaning Palemoon cookies.sqlite ... didn't want to hijack "cartel's" thread,


(Installed) Pale Moon -- my preferred browser

-  IE gets used about every few months, although I know IE is used in the background by MS and other 3rd party programs

-  IE is used by VBA to load clipboard with text too.

Running portable CCleaner v5.05.5176.
-  no sign of "PaleMoon in Cleaner ->  Applications

With only one browser open, Palemoon ... CCleaner  showed this alert while cleaning Applications

-  IE is-not/was-not open



PaleMoon is no longer a fork of Firefox (for several months). Palemoon has its own GUID and is no longer associated with Firefox.

-  although PaleMoon is mozilla based.

Q1: Are my problems the "portable" version ?

Q2: PaleMoon not listed in Cleaner ->  Applications ?

Q1: How can I close Firefox when it is not open ?


EDIT: Correction

Palemoon portable has the old FireFox fork GUID

Installed Palemoon has its own separate GUID

Source: from various posts at Palemoon forum


EDIT2:  I am no a programmer nor pretend to be a PaleMoon expert ... just a FireFox Australis refugee

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If you're using Palemoon Portable you'd have to tell CCleaner where to look, if that's not the case and you're instead using the install version of Palemoon that could mean that a registry key has changed to detect it and CCleaner would need an update to detect that new location.


For more info see the official docs: How to clean user data from non-standard Mozilla browsers

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