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CCleaner analyze or analyse ?

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Analyze is the preferred American spelling and Analyse is the British (and rest of English speaking world) spelling.


Other than that there is no difference.


I guess you will be able to spot an American when they use the Z letter :)


(perhaps phone apps use the spelling to track you  :ph34r:  j/k !!)

CCleaner documentation can be found here


Support contact




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or maybe both phones are set to different locales, languages, regions or something along those lines.

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Hi jib88fer,


mta is correct - the language in CCleaner for Android is determined from the system language on the phone and we have 2 separate English "translations" for the app - American English and British English.


This means that your wife's phone must be set to British English, whereas your phone must be set to American English or any other version of English (the app defaults to American English when the system language isn't one that we have an exact translation for)

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