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Change/Add defrag option ("Freespace")

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When the user has selected "Defrag Freespace" (with or without "Allow defragmentation") then the program starts to move files towards the beginning of the drive. A new/changed option could change the place where those files are moved from/grabbed.


Suggestion: Instead of starting to grab files that are (the) closest/closer to the beginning of the drive, a next version of DF could start the defrag process with grabbing files that are the closest/closer to the end of the drive and then working it way towards the beginning of the drive.


A next DF version could contain such (a) new extra "Defrag Freespace" option(s) or contain a changed, existing "Defrag Freespace" option(s).


I think such an option would be much more effective. When I look at the drive map then the current "Freespace" options take too much time before DF starts to move files that are located at the end of the drive. Changing the behaviour of these options will also give the user the impression that DF is doing its job better.

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