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Google Chrome Install and Update file accumulation

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I have an older computer with a system disk of 40 GB.  It was full. I used ccCleaner but still could not get enough space.  In browsing drive files, I found that Google Chrome does not delete the old update and install files.  There were 10GB of data in the files.  I researched this and found that - yes - these files can be deleted.  My Hard Disk now has over 10 GB of free space.  almost 30% was taken up by google chrome updates.  I SUGGEST that ccCleaner add this to the cleaning application.  Would appreciate any comments.  

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What is their location on PC?

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What's in the code below was taken from the community winapp2.ini additions. I wonder if this is what you're needing and wanting CCleaner to do -- but I haven't a clue since I don't use Google Chrome.


Warning=Running this may remove Chrome's ability to automatically update to future versions on some computers.

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