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v 2.2.4

Changes between 2.2.3 and 2.2.4:Decoder: * Fix crash in G.711 wav files * Fix mp3 crash in libmad * Fix out-of-bound write in adpcm QT IMA codec (CVE-2016-5108)Qt: * Fix resizing issuesWin32: * Fix overlay creation on Windows XP for DirectDraw video outputMisc: * Build fixes for HurdTranslations: * Update of Bulgarian, Catalan, German, French, Italian, Marathi, Norwegian   Bokmål, Norwegian Nynorsk, Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish (Mexico), Swedish,   Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese translations
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Changes between 3.0.2 and 3.0.3:

 * Update subtitles display while paused

 * Enable srt support on binary builds

 * Allow videotoolbox hardware decoding to be disabled
 * Disable VideoToolbox for 10bits H.264
 * Fix VideoToolbox with some invalid HEVC streams
 * Fix subsdec wide character support
 * Fix 1st order Ambisonics in AAC

 * Miscellaneous ogg improvements & bugfixes, including oggds
 * Fix forced tracks selection
 * Fix Topfield files
 * Probe AAC/ADTS inside TS
 * Fix tracks detection issues with DolbyVision and Bluray streams

 * Fix "Open Network Stream" URL box focus
 * Add option to disable hardware acceleration for video decoding
 * Remove option to force dolby mode from simple preferences

Video Output:
 * Fix crashes on Direct3D11

 * Fix tooltip display on some desktop environments
 * Fix spurious movement of the main Window
 * Fix playlist being displayed in fullscreen

 * Fix amem output
 * Fix numerous issues on fonts fallback and font shaping
 * Fix subtitles toggle through hotkeys
 * Fix audioscrobbling
 * Fix buffer over-read in avcodec audio encoding with non-default layouts
 * Numerous 3rd party libraries updated, fixing security issues

 * Update of most languages


vlc-player changelogs

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Changes between 3.0.3 and 3.0.4:

 * Blacklist some intel GPU when decoding HEVC
 * Decode AV1 streams
 * Fix playback of low-fps files
 * Fix hardware decoding of low-latency sliced H.264 streams on macOS
 * Fix seeking with streams containing WebVTT subtitles
 * Fix decoding some CC-608 streams with roll-up
 * Fix crashes with LPCM streams
 * Fix colorspace of JPEG, PNG and screen inputs
 * Fix MediaCodec rotation handling

 * Improve FLV fps detection
 * Fix some ogg/flac
 * Improve support for broken HEVC inside MKV
 * Fix some AVI regression for broken files and for DVAudio
 * Support files splitted in the .mts%d pattern
 * Fixes for MKV seeking
 * Fix for MP4 disabled track selection
 * Fix playback of incomplete RAR files (downloading)

Audio Output:
 * Improve iOS session management and resume-from-pause
 * Improve macOS audio performance
 * Support 44.1kHz DTS passthrough
 * Fix crashes on DirectSound output

Video Output:
 * Fix some crash in Direct3D11/Direct3D9 because of sensors
 * Fix some broken DVD subtitles rendering (OpenGL, notably)
 * Fix crashes on old mac machines, after some time
 * Fix memleaks on the EGL output (Android notably)
 * Fix misc display in Direct3D11 due to broken drivers
 * Fix potential green screen on Windows XP <--- for all xp-fans :-)

Text renderer:
 * Fix rendering of arabic fonts fallback on macOS
 * Fix head buffer overflow on macOS with some fonts
 * Fix rendering of fonts with specific fonts
 * Fix some RTL rendering

 * Fix live555, macOS-UI, screen capture crashes
 * Change the extension registration names on Windows
 * Fix VLM 'now' date
 * Fixes on the HTTPD server
 * Fix on the NTservice registration
 * Fix --stop-time option
 * Fix ChromeCast compatibility with web interface
 * Fix subtitles alignment
 * Fix infinite recursion on directory playback
 * Fix detection SAT>IP servers

 * Fix tooltip display when using Wayland

 * macOS 10.7.5 is required now, VLC will no longer launch on earlier releases
 * Fix delay and fps setting in subtitle dialog
 * Modernized and improved support for media keys
 * Fix issues with drag and drop of playlist items
 * Fix support for audio capturing with qtsound module
 * Fix layout issues in the Convert and Save panel

 * Update of most translations
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Changes between 3.0.4 and 3.0.5:

 * Improve RTSP playback
 * BluRay fixes and improvements, notably for menus and seeking
 * Improve the UDP/RTP truncated issue

 * Add a new AV1 decoder based on dav1d library
 * Enable libaom decoder by default
 * Fix decoding of some HEVC streams with macOS hardware decoding

 * MP4: Fix reading of some HDR metadata
 * Miscellaneous AV1 demuxing improvements
 * Fix CAF integer-underflow
 * Fix an MKV crash on iOS 12.0, on iPhone XS phones

 * Add an AV1 packetizer

 * Starting with VLC 3.0.5, VLC will be distributed with runtime hardening
   enabled on macOS Mojave.
   All external VLC plugins need to be signed by a DeveloperID certificate in order
   to continue working with the official VLC package.
 * Update the VLC dark UI to better match the dark mode of macOS Mojave
 * Fix convert & save panel stream option

Audio output:
 * Fix corking when the playback state is paused
 * Improve corking on Android

Video Output:
 * Fix Direct3D11 tone-mapping when HDR is displayed on an SDR screen
 * More accurate colors for SD sources in Direct3D11
 * Disable hardware decoding on some old Intel GPUs
 * Fix zero-copy GPU acceleration on AMD RX Vega
 * Misc Direct3D11 fixes

 * Improve ChromeCast
 * Update numerous 3rd party libraries, including for minor security issues
 * Update Youtube support
 * Fix subtitles rendering with specific fonts with negative horizontal advance
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Changes between 3.0.5 and 3.0.6:

 * Fix potential subtitle picture allocation failures

 * Add support for 12 bits decoding of AV1
 * Fix HDR support in AV1 when the container provides the metadata
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Changes between 3.0.6 and 3.0.7:

 * Improve Blu-ray support
 * Fix sftp module build with libssh >= 1.8.1

Audio output:
 * Fix pass-through on Android-23
 * Fix DirectSound drain

 * Improve MP4 support

Video Output:
 * Fix 12 bits sources playback with Direct3D11
 * Fix crash on iOS
 * Fix midstream aspect-ratio changes when Windows hardware decoding is on
 * Fix HLG display with Direct3D11

Stream Output:
 * Improve Chromecast support with new ChromeCast apps

 * Fix UPNP service discovery, services are discovered on the highest priority
   active network interface now
 * Fix video distortion on macOS Mojave

 * Update Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Soundcloud scripts
 * Work around busy looping when playing an invalid item with loop enabled

 * Update of most translations

 * Fix multiple buffer overflows in the ps demuxer
 * Fix a buffer overflow when copying a biplanar YUV image
 * Fix multiple buffer overflows in the faad decoder
 * Fix buffer overflow in the svcdsub decoder
 * Fix buffer overflows in the ogg muxer & demuxer
 * Fix buffer overflows in libavformat demuxer
 * Fix multiple buffer overflows in the MKV demuxer
 * Fix a buffer overflow in the MP4 demuxer
 * Fix a buffer overflow in the textst decoder
 * Fix a buffer overflow in the webvtt decoder
 * Fix a buffer overflow in the ASF demux
 * Fix a buffer overflow in the UPNP SD
 * Fix use after free in the ogg demuxer
 * Fix multiple use after free in the MKV demuxer
 * Fix multiple use after free in the DMO decoder
 * Fix integer underflow in the MKV demuxer
 * Fix an updater NULL pointer dereference on invalid signing keys
 * Fix NULL pointer dereference in the MKV demuxer
 * Fix an integer overflow in the spudec decoder
 * Fix an integer overflow in the nsc demuxer
 * Fix an integer overflow in the avi demuxer
 * Fix reads of uninitialized pointers in the MKV demuxer
 * Fix a floating point exception in the MKV demuxer
 * Fix an infinite loop in the flac packetizer
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Changes between 3.0.7 and

 * Update libbluray to 1.1.2

 * Fix bluray java menu playback regression in 3.0.7

Video Output:
 * Fix hardware acceleration with some AMD drivers
 * Improve direct3d11 HDR support
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Changes between and 3.0.8:

 * Fix stuttering for low framerate videos

 * Fix channel ordering in some MP4 files
 * Fix glitches in TS over HLS
 * Add real probing of HLS streams
 * Fix HLS MIME type fallback

 * Fix WebVTT subtitles rendering

Stream filter:
 * Improve network buffering

 * Update Youtube script

Audio Output:
 * macOS/iOS: Fix stuttering or blank audio when starting or seeking when using
   external audio devices (bluetooth for example)
 * macOS: Fix AV synchronization when using external audio devices

Video Output:
 * Direct3D11: Fix hardware acceleration for some AMD drivers

Stream output:
 * Fix transcoding when the decoder does not set the chroma

 * Fix a buffer overflow in the MKV demuxer (CVE-2019-14970)
 * Fix a read buffer overflow in the avcodec decoder (CVE-2019-13962)
 * Fix a read buffer overflow in the FAAD decoder
 * Fix a read buffer overflow in the OGG demuxer (CVE-2019-14437, CVE-2019-14438)
 * Fix a read buffer overflow in the ASF demuxer (CVE-2019-14776)
 * Fix a use after free in the MKV demuxer (CVE-2019-14777, CVE-2019-14778)
 * Fix a use after free in the ASF demuxer (CVE-2019-14533)
 * Fix a couple of integer underflows in the MP4 demuxer (CVE-2019-13602)
 * Fix a null dereference in the dvdnav demuxer
 * Fix a null dereference in the ASF demuxer (CVE-2019-14534)
 * Fix a null dereference in the AVI demuxer
 * Fix a division by zero in the CAF demuxer (CVE-2019-14498)
 * Fix a division by zero in the ASF demuxer (CVE-2019-14535)

 * Update to a newer libmodplug version (
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Changes between 3.0.8 and 3.0.9:

 * Work around busy looping when playing an invalid item through VLM

 * Multiple dvdread and dvdnav crashs fixes
 * Fixed DVD glitches on clip change
 * Fixed dvdread commands/data sequence inversion in some cases causing
   unwanted glitches
 * Better handling of authored as corrupted DVD
 * Added libsmb2 support for SMB2/3 shares

 * Fix TTML entities not passed to decoder
 * Fixed some WebVTT styling tags being not applied
 * Misc raw H264/HEVC frame rate fixes
 * Fix adaptive regression on TS format change (mostly HLS)
 * Fixed MP4 regression with twos/sowt PCM audio
 * Fixed some MP4 raw quicktime and ms-PCM audio
 * Fixed MP4 interlacing handling
 * Multiple adaptive stack (DASH/HLS/Smooth) fixes
 * Enabled Live seeking for HLS
 * Fixed seeking in some cases for HLS
 * Improved Live playback for Smooth and DASH
 * Fixed adaptive unwanted end of stream in some cases
 * Faster adaptive start and new buffering control options

 * Fixes H264/HEVC incomplete draining in some cases
 * packetizer_helper: Fix potential trailing junk on last packet
 * Added missing drain in packetizers that was causing missing
   last frame or audio
 * Improved check to prevent fLAC synchronization drops

 * avcodec: revector video decoder to fix incomplete drain
 * spudec: implemented palette updates, fixing missing subtitles
   on some DVD
 * Fixed WebVTT CSS styling not being applied on Windows/macOS
 * Fixed Hebrew teletext pages support in zvbi
 * Fixed Dav1d aborting decoding on corrupted picture
 * Extract and display of all CEA708 subtitles
 * Update libfaad to 2.9.1
 * Add DXVA support for VP9 Profile 2 (10 bits)
 * Mediacodec aspect ratio with Amazon devices

Audio output:
 * Added support for iOS audiounit audio above 48KHz
 * Added support for amem audio up to 384KHz

Video output:
 * Fix for opengl glitches in some drivers
 * Fix GMA950 opengl support on macOS
 * YUV to RGB StretchRect fixes with NVIDIA drivers
 * Use libpacebo new tone mapping desaturation algorithm

Text renderer:
 * Fix crashes on macOS with SSA/ASS subtitles containing emoji
 * Fixed unwanted growing background in Freetype rendering and Y padding

 * Fixed some YUV mappings

 * Use a layer based video output on 10.14 and higher, which should
   fix various rendering issues where the vout would glitch between
   a wrong size and the correct size.
   Additionally this works around OpenGL issues with Macs that have a
   dedicated NVIDIA GPU, which caused rendering artifacts in the whole
   OS, especially when the "Reduce transparency" accessibility option
   is used
 * Remove qtsound module and add avaudiocapture module as replacement
 * Fix audio capture on macOS Catalina by using avaudiocapture
 * Inform the user in case OS permissions are missing for certain actions
 * Fix Apple Remote support on macOS Catalina
 * Add support for pausing Apple Music on macOS Catalina
 * Fix UPnP discovery crash without an active network interface
 * Fix rare placement issues with fullscreen panel
 * Fix problem in audio output remembering the last device configuration
   in digital mode

Service Discovery:
 * Update libmicrodns to 0.1.2

 * Update YouTube, SoundCloud and Vocaroo scripts: this restores
   playback of YouTube URLs.
 * Add missing .wpl & .zpl file associations on Windows
 * Improved chromecast audio quality
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Changes between 3.0.10 and 3.0.11:
  • Fixes HLS regressions
  • Fixes a potential crash on startup on macOS
  • Fixes imprecise seeking in m4a files
  • Fixes resampling on Android
  • Fixes a crash when listing bluray mountpoints on macOS
  • Avoid unnecessary permission warnings on macOS
  • Fixes permanent silence on macOS after pausing playback
  • Fixes AAC playback regression
  • And a security issue
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