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display error with FF in our forum?


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no, I suspect those are from the IPBoard crash that happened about 2 years ago and all avatars were squashed.

those members without a picture were probably caught up in that mess and haven't logged on to change, or updated, their avatars.

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The forum isn't exactly the prettiest thing when displayed in Firefox. Also don't forget some people haven't chose an avatar so you can end up with blanks.

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hi fans :) im again on this topic


i have tested with 3 different browsers on one actually post from a user with "avatarproblem" or what the problem is...


This example can be followed well why the representation is false by certain settings related to the profile picture in combination with Topicname. The developer may know more and can remedy this.

By default, is probably a shadow image of a woman or a man. Maybe this user has an incorrect format or otherwise used, resulting in that the forum can not be displayed correctly (specifically with Firefox)

can be done in the case of a "faulty Avatars" replaced automatically with the default pictures (standard-settings of profilpic) such as a new registration?


this may perhaps eliminate the incorrect display in a simple way.




Firefox 39.0.3














SRware Chrome Iron 44






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The developer may know more and can remedy this.


I believe Piriform has no control over the workings of the forum software.

They pay for the package, like many other forums, from Invision Power Board.

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Php (the language that builds this, and other forums) often has artifacts and bugs with various browsers, most of the time caused by setups of themes. Mostly cosmetic and ignorable.

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i have answer from the developers of IP Board:





Rhett Buck

09 October 2015 - 12:12 PM

Hello, you would need to have the owners of this community submit a support ticket in our client area and we would be happy to assist them with any issues.


Hosting & Support Manager
Invision Power Services Inc



i hope someone of piriform do this...

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