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remaining time...

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hi fans,


i dont know if it is a bug or whatelse. i give you the screenshots


the first screenshot have gone ahead about 15 minutes with the same time estimation of Defraggler but with 51% instead of 59%


1) --> 51 - 59 % with 45 min to end --> systime 12:57



2) --> 59 % with 1 h 10 min to end --> systime 13:02



3) --> 59 % with 1 h 45 min to end --> systime 13:09



4) --> 60 % with 2 h to end --> systime 13:22



5) --> 74 % with 4 min to end --> systime 13:31



6) --> 87 % with 1 min to end --> systime 13:33


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calculates cc In this case wrong?


Are there differences between desktop-pc and notebooks - what in terms the performans/speed?


w8.1 64

i5 3337U

8 gb ram

1 tb hitachi hdd


in this time no pc-using (only for screenshots) no internet, no antivirus.

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I again tried it on two desktop PCs ... they are running normal with remaining time

just only on the laptop comes this phenomenon

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I think you are mistaking an estimated time based which is based on the equation of Number-of-bits-remain diveded by the-average-process-speed. as a process' speed is always changing and the bit amount is always shrinking the estimate will change in a non-realtime amount.


This is true about a single action by a software, a program being install or a file being downloaded.


As the process nears the end of its job (low amount of bits left) a estimate may become more accurate; this, however is not an exact statement as (for instance) some bottleneck could cause the process' speed to shrink far below the average.


TL : DR version - never expect the time remain a computer shows to be anything more than a guide point.


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in principle i give you right. :)


(yes -its clear that the remaining time only a estimate/guide point is...not an exact prognosis)


but on all other systems i have to try it (2x xp pro, 1x xp home, 1x xp home by a friend, 1x vista bus by me + 1x vista bus by a friend, 1x 7 pro by me + 1x 7 home premium by a friend --> all 32 bit versions) does the estimate of remaining time works fine and complete defrag of windows-main-partition (c:\) works fairly quickly.

the desktop-pcs from my friend are fast and art of the state (6 core more than 2,5 ghz per core, sata, with hdd and ssd + enough ram) and my desktops are with obsolete hardware (1 core with less than 1,6 ghz, ide-hdd and max 1,5 gbyte ram)


my practice/experience shows me that defraggler seemingly have a problem with estimate of remaining time (on perhaps only on my laptop) with w8.1 64bit ...


it goes on with >1 day ... than fairly quickly (on this size of used memory on hdd) down to maybe 30 min with 50-60 % defragmented and then the estimate goes high progressively to maybe 2 hours (4 fold) but only 1 % more of defragmented space about 20 min real-time.


but after this difficult chunk´s defraggler goes back to the "old" estimate remaining time (please look at pic 1 and pic 6) and this estimate time corresponds in about with real-time.


thats why i put it in the subforum "defraggler bugs" because i have only seen it on w8.1 64 bit laptop and not on any of the 32 bit desktop systems. :unsure:


is this possibly a thing between 64 and 32 bit or a thing between w8.1 and older windows-versions or so?

(thats of course just my personal impression after the experiences + screenshots)


i hope i do not go on your biscuit too much so... (its a german slang) B)

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