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What happened to ccleaner being able to clean local storage for chrome?


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Pretty much the title, for some reason the last few releases of ccleaner have been void of the option to clean up the http files from chrome local storage. What has happened to this option? I used to use it every time when I ran ccleaner as I liked to keep my local storage clean of http files.. Now I have to resort to throwing the location into winapp which always deleted the location if I do an update and it's pretty annoying.. I see that the "internet cache" option for chrome deletes the files in local storage (including files that I don't want deleted) but it deletes way way to much, so please bring back the option to clean out chrome local storage (http files only) as a separate option :/

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hi ZeroByDivide,


We were not able to reproduce this problem.


Keep in mind that LocalStorage is managed by our Cookies screen.


The "Google Chrome->Cookies" rule will get rid of them, unless you have then under  "Cookies To Keep" list in Options->Cookies screen.


Please let us know if this is your case.



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