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update 3035583 advanced notification or update for w10?

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hi fans,
i have a new service in w8.1 (perhaps for windows-7-users too) in preparation for w10...
read this from microsoft/kb/3035583


is this only a advanced notification-serivce (as in xp the support-end-notification tray icon) to tell me, if w10 available to download or i need this as "must have" to become w10 as upgrade?


do i need this or can i also upgrade to w10 without kb 3035583?

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an update for 3035583 from 14.05.15


not for download on microsoft download center, but only for direct download about windows update

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This update enables additional capabilities for Windows Update notifications when new updates are available to the user. It applies to a computer that is running Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1). Before you install this update, check out the Prerequisites section.


seems like it just enables some sort of dialog telling you that there are updates available for the computer. Truth be told, I had forgotten XP used to do that.

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new KB 3035583 from 09.07.15 :rolleyes:





es ist nicht unbedingt notwendig die Windows 10 Reservierung durchzuführen, um das kostenlose Windows 10 Upgrade Angebot zu nutzen. Das Windows 10 Upgrade bekommst du auch ohne die Reservierung ab dem 29.07.2015. Die dann zu nutzende Webseite wird noch bekanntgegeben.


it is not absolutely necessary to perform Windows 10 reservation to use the free Windows 10 upgrade offer. The Windows 10 upgrade you get even without reservation from 29/07/2015. The then-to-use website to be announced.


perhaps delete kb 3035583

one icon less in taskbar :)

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