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forums error?

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yes, with refresh too.

(with firefox 37.0.2)


-> "Refresh current page"-icon in firefox


-> refresh with forums-intern "defraggler discussion" below PIRIFORM-title

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i have try it on windows xp machine with ff 34 but the same "issue" as on windows 8.1 with ff 37...


but i have seen, that with slow (analogspeed or less 54 kb) at the first moment with side-build up the "good" look is displayed.

after that first moment came the look like on my pic on my first post.


am I right in the assumption that it could be due to firefox? (font-things...) what can i do?

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yes, for me it is as shown by kroozer, the same phenomenon.





this pic was on xp sp3 with ie6

and with ff it was similar "issue" as in my first post or by kroozer too

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