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keylogger with last optional windows updates?

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to deactivate it:


--> start --> systemsteuerung (system control) --> verwaltung (management) --> dienste (services)


--> search for "diagtrack" --> rightklick --> eigenschaften (options/properties)

--> starttyp: from automatic to deactivate --> dienststatus (servicestatus): beenden (stop)

--> ok


this works without restart


you can this service delete too with prompt as admin..


sc delete "diagtrack"

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i have the name of the nice update: -->kb3022345


it is probably an "advanced error report collection" for w7, w8/w8.1 and w10. maybe more...


even though I have installed it, it appeared again in the update list on the optional area.

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thanks :)


the install-error 800F0922 did not get at that time with first version. but now with the new - as yet had indeed installed "old service".

after uninstall the old version, restart and install the new version no longer shows this error. (why simple when it can be done cumbersome) :lol:


the new version does not appear in the task-manager... probably now only when needed even though the service is set to automatic.

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thanks for the information. :)


i have downloaded the newest version of kb3048043, my old version from 13.03. and the new version from 13.04.

with the same name.


usually has a new error adjusted update the following file name: "Windows8.1-KB3048043-v2-x64.msu" but not in this case B)

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