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I've been trying to recover data off an 2TB external drive and it would be a great help if Recuva would start listing results right from the start instead of after a 5 hour wait for a deep scan. This way people could see if its working right, or if they need to look into changing advanced options and restart right away. That 5 hour wait, nearly 10 hours on a 4TB drive, is a killer only to find that you needed to check some box in settings.


Also, first thing I did was make a sector by sector copy of the drive to a 2nd external drive and worked on that instead of the original.


One thing I've encountered is with MKV files not playing after recovery, even though Recuva reports the file as Excellent for recovery. It looks like the file is truncated to a much smaller size, as in KB, but still reporting the original file size.  Haven't had this problem with MP4 or AVI videos.


I've also been experimenting with TestDisk, and their PhotoRec utilities and getting better results with recovery, however I lose the file tree structure.  I lose the file tree structure in Recuva also even though I have it check marked in Advanced settings.


Thanks you,



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