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System tray icon freezing

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I have Speccy set to minimize to the system tray where it displays my CPU temp. Every few days or so I notice it hasn't changed in a while and is displaying an unexpected temperature. I double click the icon to open the window and it shows a completely different temperature (that actually looks correct). Then I minimize it again and it works fine. Not sure what makes the tray icon freeze but it's pretty annoying. I'd like to be able to monitor my CPU temp without actually having the window open.

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I'm using Windows 8.1


mta: Weird, I can only see a dozen topics in this forum unless I use the search function (which I didn't bother with before posting because there were only a dozen topics). I followed your link chain all the way back to September of 2013. I think it's sad that it has been reported several times over the last year and a half and it still hasn't been fixed. That makes it look like the developers don't really care.

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