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A problem with Malwarebytes?

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Basic information:

Windows 8.1 Core x86_64 v. 6.3.9600

Ccleaner v. 5.04.5151 x64

Malwarebytes v. Database v. 2015.04.01.09


I just downloaded the latest malware definitions for Malwarebytes and performed a scan. At the end, during the heuristics portion of the scan, Malwarebytes picked up two registry entries from Ccleaner that it claims are PUPS. Here is a screenshot of the results:




Please note: This just occurred today and has never occurred previously while using any of the earlier malware definition files. I realize that many times a heuristics scan can result in false positives, and for now I've instructed Malwarebytes to ignore these two issues. I'd just like to know for certain if Malwarebytes has discovered something genuine, or if I should set it to ignore these items permanently. 

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how do you know this belong to ccleaner?

it says A1PCCleaner.C, not CCleaner


dvdbane, I think you're onto something. I just got finished running the same scan on my Windows 7 machine, which has the same version of Malwarebytes and the same version of Ccleaner installed. Nothing was detected, period. So it looks like some form of malware has gotten into my Windows 8.1 registry, and it's using the name Ccleaner as a part of it's own name to avoid being detected by a casual inspection of the registry. Maybe the admins or developers can add something to this. 

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Just to reiterate, your 'infection' is called A1PCCleaner (A1 PC Cleaner) and has nothing to do with CCleaner.

An unfortunate coincidence with the other trusted name - which is usually 'their' intent.

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Hello to all - Problem solved. All I had to do was restore Windows 8.1 from a backup image I made about three weeks ago. Ran another scan and everything was clean, so it must have been something I downloaded or installed in the last three weeks. All I can recall doing was downloading several catalogs in .pdf format and installing Firefox (???). I have no clue where it came from, but it's gone now. :) :) :)

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