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CCleaner v5 series is WHITE SPACE HELL!

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Still no  improvement to the new NEW GUI  whiteness in this v5 release either....

downgrading back to (v4.19.4867) AGAIN!!   =( for the 5th TIME NOW!!!

I even payed because I wanted to support this good program... ;>_<;

Piriform!! you had a perfect GUI through out CCleaner's history
there is way to much White space in v5!!!!!!!!!!!,
it is much harder to make out the divisions between areas, hard to make out different areas....

so again given the benefit of the doubt I have again downgraded (v4.19.4867)!!!!

not even the option of skins like the older or newer one
ie. have at least these two skins but KEEP the new functionality/improvements

thx none the less, CCleaner has been a invaluable tool to me over the years!
so that's why I bought a CCleaner and Defraggler last year ;D
I didn't really find the Pro editions any more useful to me then free version
but it helped you guys out

there are some good new GUI features namely, the columns auto resize now,
like after you do a [Analyze], detailed screen if file sizes were too big...
 it wouldn't auto resize in earlier versions of CCleaner...


I was orignally posting this on FileHippo... :rolleyes:




v5.04.5151 = WHITE SPACE HELL... :angry:<_<

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