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from my point of view!


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that is all stupid! KAV has the best detection on earth (it has great team but his heuristic is poor... But they hawe good network and in most cases they caught all viruses) according to tests! McAfee patches their mistakes very fast and is ok av! EZ truist is so poor av (please do not argue with me ... i know why i'm telling this!). AVG is vulnerable and avast leaks for some advanced technologies! in last version NOD32 is shaking system and it's have some bugs so it slows system. Trend Micro is my old love but it has so big updates and he can scan oly 6 sub archives (in v2005)! Panda is good but there is some things: update is not small, trupervent is need and it can slow down sysem sometimes (aldo i scan my PC with Panda Ti 204 and watch DVD in same time!!!)!

Antispywares are second thing: they are not nessesary! Pepolpe think that is critical to have anti adware and spyware program! Why? Why just dont read the EULA and see what is in instalation? And release notes? And read me? That is very important and stick to this things. AdAware is ok but it's more for adware! He detects spyware "djene-djene" (50-50) and its to glamurose! Spybot is much better tool! he detects keylogers and other things and exploits and worms (some big ones) and great Spyware dettection is having! Also there is Bazooka! good spyware scanner but he scans system only and for remove you must visit their page with description woh to remove that spyware/keyloger/adware/worm/exploit! Im now getting Arovax and we will see is it good! For MS antispyware i can sad only this: GREAT! It uses Giant engine and who used Giant he known what im talking about!

by other hand very high percentage of spyware/keylogers/adwares/dialers are detected by BitDefender, KAV, F-Secure, Dr.Web, avast!... So why use antispyware anyway? Just use head and do not go to every link that comes on screen! Crypt your mails and do not use p2p! It's full of viruses and cracks and some other bad things! Use torrent from your friends only! And use well setted up firewall!


this is most inportant:

well setted up firewall blocks ports worms (they copy them selves apsolitely alone with no help! so you no need to start some exe file for starting the malicious code (this are used bu Trojans but they are going now level up... )! worm do that all by them self) and hacker attacks! YOu cant be 100% secure on net! but you can raise you security! Firewall is need more than AV (by my opinion) for expirienced users! I love Look 'n' Stop becuase you must order him to do that and this but you must set up all rules (@ my look 'n' stop it's about 60 rules maybe more... I dont use it (any firewall) but when i must use some firewall this is my choice!


restrict explorer.exe and do not give him right to go on net (you should manualy restrict this)! Use simple IM clients and watch for users and do not accept unknown names and so on (remember: ICQ has some worm taht spreaded arround as Murphy or something like that and he infected soo many PC-s! It send it selves arround as user murphy to users ... and so on)! in IRC disable DCC send (usualy is this command: /fsend off). If you can use jabber! It has encryptiopn! Get rid of MSN messenger! MSN live chat is ok but MSN messenger is full of flaws and it has some spyware things (not in program but it spread sometimes) so use other IM client for msn chat!

Configure your browser! Use resrtictions and use some rules... If you are IE user use IE-Spyad and enhanced HOSTS file ( http://www.mvps.org/winhelp2002/hosts.htm )! There are things from adaware and spyware blaster and they use their own list of restricted sites! Of course get rid of MS java virtual machine and use SUN JAVA (MS java has bugs and vulnerabilities and SUn is today well developed aldo it has some vulnerabilities (every great program does it!))! Scan your system 2 times a week and do not lead yourself with this:

Im okay im not gona get virus and spyware!

this is stupid! Today there are so many hackers and kids who dont like school like me writes worms and other things ! See at summer! Every summer is hot on virus scene (remember extra hot 2003... Blaster, Welchia (i think this is the name), Mimail...) Every kid today use some program to break into another computer just for fun! they not aware the damage that they are cousing! last thing:

scan your system only in safe mode! there is much more chanses that av will find virus so use the safe mode (press F8 before boot screen (in WIndows))!


sorry for bad english but this was stronger than me... If you want to ask something ask me but without fight...


be protected ;)


m.p. This post is too long! do not quote it please :D


[note] this is just my point of view and i'm not right in all but in most cases i 'm right ;)

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Sorry if it seems like I'm ridding your ass by saying these words to you:

Prove it! If you're going to come here making such claims give us proof, because allot of us are using the apps you've just stomped on. Website links to such articles from valid and trusted sources would be much appreciated.


And please correct some of the blatant typos.


Things like what you've stated here need to be explained, if you don't explain them your future posts making such wild claims aren't going to get much respect.

EZ truist is so poor av (please do not argue with me ... i know why i'm telling this!)


I'm dying to know since you know about it, yet have opted not to share that info.


AVG is vulnerable and avast leaks for some advanced technologies!


Where is AVG vulnerable? What advanced tech does avast leak?


Antispywares are second thing: they are not nessesary!


Bulls**t. There are many deceptive installations that will install adware/spyware without notification, and/or download it after installation.

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My opinion is that pretty much all antivirus software sucks, they commerical bloated resource hogging, memory draining, cpu eating toys with fancy skins.


And to be honest, I am running without any antivirus software on my computer.


button_b.png hydrogen2nr.png


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I am with rridgely, who is with andavari. So, vicariously, you could say that I'm with andavari.


Of course, the term "with" can have a wide variety of applications, and the context must be taken into consideration. For instance, I am not suggesting that I am rridgely's roommate, or andavari's, assuming that rridgely is a substitute for andavari. But I digress.


I'm happy with all the poop on my system. I don't think I've ever had spyware or adware on it.

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(please do not argue with me ... i know why i'm telling this!)

rabble, rabble, rabble


Of course, I agree with everyone who disagreed with you. Your post was interesting, but I don't feel that it was researched, and an opinion-based discussion on what av to use will only lead to ignorant users ending up with viruses because they believe your assumptions.


AdAware is ok but it's more for adware! He detects spyware "djene-djene" (50-50) and its to glamurose! Spybot is much better tool! he detects keylogers and other things and exploits and worms (some big ones) and great Spyware dettection is having!

I use several antispyware apps, and not only are they important, but also, they don't have a gender. The only inanimate object that has gender is a car, and it is always female, which is why you never see pregnant cars. Unless, of course, you managed to artificially inseminate your vehicle, which I'm told is quite difficult.


However, I personally have seriously considered inseminating this baby.


lokoike accepts all blame for hijacking this thread

Save a tree, eat a beaver.

Save a tree, wipe with an owl.


Every time a bell rings, a thread gets hijacked!

ding, ding!


Give Andavari lots of money and maybe even consider getting K a DVD-RW drive.


If it's not Scottish, IT'S CRAP!!!

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ok i wrote answer to all your questions! but it seams that we are going nowhere with this and i don wana be "black shepp" here on this forum so please understand me! I would like to answer you but there is some things that is better to not to say ;)



I'm not geting out of this just not to give you answers!

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