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I have ultrabook Dell Latitude E7240 (resolution 1920x1080).

All the icons in the program have the form of the curve, the effect of the ladder. Will there be changes in this direction? Now use the tool simply unpleasant.


CCleaner 5.03, Windows 7 SP1.


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I'm not sure I follow the complaint, could you elaborate?

In the screenshot I showed the problem. What exactly is not clear?

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Anything of your complaint is unclear. All I see is a screen cap of ccleaner 5.x which is known to have switched to a "modern flat" UI to follow suit with Microsoft's latest 2 operating systems.


There is a dedicated sticky for this preferential disagreement, so if that is the case there's no need to make a nrw thread, just post your opinion on the UI there.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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