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Localstorage filesin Profile 2 in Chrome (Win8 64) not removed

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I just noticed that the Profile 2 directory in my Chrome appdata directory contains several localstorage files that contain URLs to websites I visited 2 days ago and remain after ccleaner has run.  The dates on these files are 2 days old as well.


The URLs are not anything unusual - some http_<url>_0.localstorage and some are https_<url>0.localstorage.


a couple of examples:




These are in c:\users\blah\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Profile 2


and of course there are also URLs in the folder that I really want wiped.


I believe these may be generated by Chrome extensions.  The only extensions installed for this profile are:


Adblock Plus 1.8.12   default settings with no whitelisted domains or local filters added

Google Docs 0.9

Google Play Music 1.259.0

Google Sheets 1.1

Google Slides 0.9

Google Voice Search Hotword (Beta) disabled

Music Plus for Google Play Music 0.4.11

Norton Identity Safe 1.0.5 disabled


I have ccleaner pro v5.03.5128


I also have CCEnhancer-4.2 using rules last updatd 23 March 2015

I did not trim winapp2.ini


With the addional entries provided by ccenhancer, (too many to list here), I have them all ticked except for the following:


Extensions Databases

Extensions State





Once I enabled the 2 extensions entries above, the worrisome localstorage files were deleted.


This means that unless CCEnhancer is installed and the user selects these additional values, there's no certainty that your internet history will be wiped.  I can't really see that it;s any specific extension that created those files, either - the list of extensions I have installed.  Apart from Google extensions that wouldn't have kicked in for the URLs in question, there's only Adblock Plus.  And it didn't have any whitelisted domains in it so I don't see why it should be the culprit.


Any idea why these fiiles weren't deleted by the standard CCleaner?




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good news and bad news.


bad first; since you use CCEnhancer and winapp2.ini then advice is generally not offered, a sort of unofficial rule I think (couldn't see it specifically in the forum rules)

good news; you are using the Pro version so are entitled to priority support directly from Piriform from their website.

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hi dir,


We were not able to reproduce this problem.


Keep in mind that LocalStorage is managed by our Cookies screen.


The "Google Chrome->Cookies" rule will get rid of them, unless you have then under  "Cookies To Keep" list in Options->Cookies screen.


Please let us know if this is your case.



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