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Avira Free Antivirus won't update


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Are there any other forum members who also use Avira Free Antivirus and have any of you noticed for approximately the past two weeks that it will sometimes not update - neither automatically on its own nor when manually invoked by you? Today it won't update at all for me.


Thinking my installed version must have some corruption or error I did the usual:

1. Uninstalled Avira Free Antivirus.

2. Rebooted the computer.

3. Manually removed all the leftovers on the hard disk and in the registry that I could find.

4. Reinstalled Avira Free Antivirus, and it still won't update, so all that was for nothing.


The failed update log contains information about:

* No Internet connection - when I am in fact always connected to the Internet.

* Mismatching checksums of locally installed files on my hard disk compared to those on the Avira update server.

* The failed update log also states I have the incorrect operating system - but why would it install perfectly fine then I wonder.


Talk about a triplet of failures.


I guess I'll give it perhaps three days maximum, then I'm going to switch to a different antivirus software.



Well it isn't just me having the issue. Avira Support are starting to get failed update complaints posted and I've also posted in the topic linked below on their support page (so anyone else also having this same issue it's worth adding your information to it so this update failure can get quickly fixed):



Edit 2:

More people are stating the same. Somethings went really buggy in version (dated 25 Feb 2015).

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