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How accurate is the Operating System Serial Number result?


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This is not necessarily a bug with Speccy, and I realise it could well be that 'problem lies with other product', but I would be grateful to run it past folks!


I read a magazine item about a product to check and display Windows licence key details - especially useful for Windows 8 machines which no longer include a sticker for the details but also helpful for older machines where the sticker has become unreadable.
I downloaded and tested on an old HP PC running Vista - produced a perfect match for the key shown on the sticker on the side of the machine.


Next I tried on a Toshiba laptop running Wins 7 - result this time was NOT a match for the sticker. So I suddenly remembered about speccy and gave that a try. The outcome from Speccy was the same as WinKeyFinder so my assumption is that the original laptop build  was done on some sort of bulk image which hasn't had the correct license key inserted for individual machines. If I ever need to completely rebuild this device, the key on the sticker should be the one to use.


Finally I turn to the real purpose of the software - running on a Windows 8.1 PC. As there is no label available for a cross-check, I used Speccy again. However, in this case the result from Speccy is different from that obtained using WinKeyFinder. A second Wins 8.1 machine also produces completely different results in the two programs. So now I am confused, and have no way of verifying which is the correct result.


To sum up
- HP PC, Vista - WinKeyFinder + Speccy + label all match
- Toshiba laptop, Wins 7 - WinKeyFinder + Speccy match, label is different
- Dell PC, Wins 8.1 - WinKeyFinder + Speccy NOT matching, no label.
- Compaq PC, Wins 8.1 - WinKeyFinder + Speccy NOT matching, no label.


I would really like Speccy to be confirmed as the definitive tool for this, as the rest of the information it provides is so comprehensive and useful.

Has anybody experienced anything like this?
And if Speccy isn't correct, any chance of it getting itself fixed sometime soon?


Thank you.

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