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geforce 720M driver problems?

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hi fans,


i have a laptop with geforce 720m.


occasional crashes the graphic card drivers and restarted.


i have driver version 326 as recommended by asus download site. before I had the version 344-there was the same problem. now i will install the new version 347 and want to see if further those crashs happened.

perhaps this was the same problem as with the "round 800 MB sized *.tmp"... I cant find the contribution


as in the description "unsupported Hyprid saving mode" is disabled on my energie-settings.



does anyone know what could something be?


w8.1 64 bit

i5 cpu

8 gb ram

1 tb harddisk

intel 4000 graphic + geforce 720m

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You should always get Laptop drivers (especially graphics) from the Laptop manufacturer, and not the Nvidia/AMD website, make sure that's what you are doing.

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i have download the asus-driver, but with this are equally driver crashes happened...

it seems to be normal older driver of nvidia for 720m.


windows update has not proposed updates

anyway thanks for your answer :)

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