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remove faulty applications?

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hi fans,


ccleaner shows me some of applications that I not or no longer have on the computer.


- why is that?

- which file / folder remainter I have to remove manually?


i have office 2010 and libre office 4.2.8 installed. in the past i try to install office 97-not work

adobe acrobat 10 and macromedia shockwave 11 are deinstalled


i have never installed office 2003, 2007 and 2013


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Hi there,


Please use command line to export embedded INI files.


ccleaner.exe /export [folder path]





Do that then open the resulting winapp.ini in notepad (or other txt editor) and search for the programs you don't have that are listed. The "Detect" listed will tell you what you need to delete.


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